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Starts Ends Event Title Sponsor City State
Call to verify Advanced RTU Control Strategies Energy Center University Online WEB
09/30/2015 10/02/2015 World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) Association of Energy Engineers Orlando FL
05/31/2015 06/02/2015 ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum: A Critical Moment ACEEE San Francisco CA
04/20/2015 04/22/2015 National Symposium on Market Transformation ACEEE & CEE Washington DC
08/04/2015 08/06/2015 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry ACEEE Buffalo NY
05/12/2015 05/14/2015 Energy Symposium 2015 Pacific Gas and Electric Monterey CA
04/16/2015 04/18/2015 2015 Northeast Biomass Heating Expo Biomass Thermal Energy Council Portland ME
04/20/2015 04/22/2015 International Biomass Conference & Expo BBI International Minneapolis MN
03/24/2015 03/26/2015 EnergySmart: Plug Into the Transformation of Energy Management EnerNOC Philadelphia PA
06/02/2015 06/05/2015 Industrial Energy Technology Conference 2015 Texas A&M New Orleans LA
06/03/2015 06/04/2015 33rd West Coast Energy Management Congress Association of Energy Engineers Long Beach CA
04/27/2015 04/29/2015 2015 Utility Solar Conference SEPA San Diego CA
09/14/2015 09/17/2015 Solar Power International 2015 SEIA & SEPA Anaheim CA
05/13/2015 05/15/2015 Utility Energy Forum Utility Energy Forum Tahoe City CA
05/27/2015 05/29/2015 Better Buildings Summit U.S. DOE Washington DC
04/07/2015 04/09/2015 Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) Conference & Trade Show ABAA Dallas TX
07/06/2015 07/17/2015 Energy Management Certificate Northwest Water and Energy Education Institute Eugene OR
03/23/2015 03/26/2015 DOE National Energy Codes Conference 2015 DOE Nashville TN
06/27/2015 07/01/2015 ASHRAE Annual Conference ASHRAE Atlanta GA
09/30/2015 10/02/2015 ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conference: Tools for Designing High Performance Buildings ASHRAE Atlanta GA
04/27/2015 04/30/2015 CxEnergy Conference and Expo High Performance Building Alliance Las Vegas NV
04/29/2015 04/29/2015 Innovative Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Grid Technology Update Tribal Energy Program, Office of Indian Energy online WEB
05/27/2015 05/27/2015 Models and Tools for Evaluating Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Project Opportunities Tribal Energy Program, Office of Indian Energy online WEB
06/24/2015 06/24/2015 Regulatory Impacts on Indian Lands Tribal Energy Program, Office of Indian Energy online WEB
07/29/2015 07/29/2015 Best Practices for Developing and Implementing a Request for Proposal Tribal Energy Program, Office of Indian Energy online WEB
08/26/2015 08/26/2015 Successful Tribal Renewable Energy Projects Tribal Energy Program, Office of Indian Energy online WEB
09/30/2015 09/30/2015 Effective Ways for Tribal Governments to Work with Utilities Tribal Energy Program, Office of Indian Energy online WEB
10/28/2015 10/28/2015 Advanced Financing Models Tribal Energy Program, Office of Indian Energy online WEB
11/18/2015 11/18/2015 Putting It All Together Webinar Tribal Energy Program, Office of Indian Energy online WEB
04/01/2015 04/02/2015 Northwest Facilities Expo: Let Our Show Help YOU Grow! Facility Expo News Portland OR
03/30/2015 03/31/2015 10th annual Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference University of Maryland Baltimore MD
05/05/2015 05/07/2015 Energy/Facilities Connections Conference 2015 WSU Energy Program Plant Operations Leavenworth WA
08/11/2015 08/13/2015 Energy Efficiency Exchange: Federal Training and Knowledge DOE FEMP Phoenix AZ
11/18/2015 11/20/2015 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo USGBC Washington DC
04/07/2015 04/09/2015 Distribugen Conference and Trade Show for Cogeneration/CHP World Alliance for Decentralized Energy Houston TX
04/07/2015 04/07/2015 Pennsylvania Strategic Energy Management: Showcase 2015 PA Technical Assistance Program State College PA
05/29/2015 05/30/2015 NW Clean & Affordable Energy Conference Northwest Energy Coalition Boise ID
04/14/2015 04/16/2015 Solar Summit 2015 GreenTechMedia Phoenix AZ
05/05/2015 05/07/2015 LIGHTFAIR International: The Global Language of Light Illuminating Engineering Society New York NY
10/04/2015 10/07/2015 2015 IES Street and Area Lighting Conference Illuminating Engineering Society Savannah GA
10/26/2015 10/29/2015 Alaska Electric Utility Conference & Trade Show NWPPA Anchorage AK
04/16/2015 04/17/2015 CISOLAR-2015, 4th international Conference & Exhibition «Development of Solar Energy Industry in the Region of the South Caucasus, Eastern Europe a IBCentre Baku AA
10/14/2015 10/15/2015 REF 2015 KYIV, 7th International Conference and Exhibition on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Ukraine IBCentre Kyiv (Kiev) AA
05/11/2015 05/15/2015 NARUC Utility Rate School - Western Michigan State University San Diego CA
10/19/2015 10/23/2015 NARUC Utility Rate School - Eastern Michigan State University Clearwater FL
03/26/2015 03/27/2015 PHnw6: Beyond Passive House Passive House Northwest Seattle WA
04/16/2015 04/17/2015 CISOLAR-2015 IBCentre London AA
12/08/2015 12/10/2015 Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo Pennwell Las Vegas NV
06/15/2015 06/16/2015 2015 EIA Energy Conference U.S. Energy Information Administration Washington DC
04/07/2015 04/08/2015 Green California Summit Green Technology magazine Sacramento CA
04/06/2015 04/10/2015 NWPPA Engineering and Operations Conference 2015 NWPPA Tacoma WA
04/27/2015 04/27/2015 Introduction to Demand Response Training Course PLMA Tucson AZ
04/28/2015 04/29/2015 16th Peak Load Management Alliance [PLMA] Spring Conference PLMA Tucson AZ
11/03/2015 11/04/2015 16th Peak Load Management Alliance [PLMA] Fall Conference PLMA Charlotte NC
03/25/2015 03/26/2015 Demand Response Markets Training Course PLMA Jackson MI
04/27/2015 04/29/2015 Utility Solar Conference SEPA San Diego CA
02/23/2015 06/17/2015 Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) Training U.S. DOE varies AA
05/12/2015 05/14/2015 Energy Symposium 2015 Utility Energy Services Contract, PGE, SoCal Edison Monterey CA
04/08/2015 04/10/2015 2015 Comverge Utility Conference Comverge St. Petersburg FL
07/23/2015 07/24/2015 Energypath 2015 Sustainable Energy Fund Scranton PA
04/20/2015 04/24/2015 Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (HVAC Air and Water Systems) Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Madison WI
04/28/2015 04/29/2015 Dryer Technology Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Madison WI
10/06/2015 10/07/2015 Dryer Technology Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Madison WI
09/14/2015 09/16/2015 ICCE 2015: 4th International Conference & Exhibition on Clean Energy IAEMM Ottawa ON
04/13/2015 04/14/2015 SPEER’s Third Annual Energy Efficiency Summit SPEER Dallas TX
03/31/2015 03/31/2015 Live Webinar | Energy efficiency in grocery and convenience stores Energy Center of Wisconsin Online WEB
06/02/2015 06/03/2015 Leadership Conference for Women in Industry EUCI Indianapolis IN
04/06/2015 04/06/2015 Zero Energy Workshop New Buildings InstitGreen Technology and Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), in partnership with the California Public Utilities Commiute, Sacramento CA
03/30/2015 03/31/2015 Solar Power Plant Design Fundamentals EUCI Litchfield Park AZ
04/20/2015 04/21/2015 Electric Utility Transmission Ratemaking EUCI Los Angeles CA
04/20/2015 04/21/2015 Electrical T&D Project Management: Scheduling, Risk Management, Scope, and Cost EUCI Los Angeles CA
05/14/2015 05/15/2015 NASEO 2015 West Regional Meeting NASEO Portland OR
04/08/2015 04/08/2015 One Size Doesn't Fit All: Why Variation in Hydrology and Policy Frameworks mean that Drought Looks Different across the West Western Governors Association online WEB
04/02/2015 04/02/2015 REAP Roundup: Project Financing USDA Rural Energy for America Program online WEB
04/07/2015 04/10/2015 National Extension Energy Summit Washington State University AA
04/29/2015 04/30/2015 Renew Fi - Opportunities in Renewable Energy Finance Mission Market, Darc Matter, MBITA San Jose CA
03/31/2015 03/31/2015 Recovering Waste Heat & Improving Chilled Output: For Manufacturers & Food Processors Northwest Food Processors Association Online WEB
04/21/2015 04/23/2015 Efficiency Exchange 2015 NEEA, BPA, NWPCC Portland OR
06/23/2015 06/24/2015 Bioenergy 2015: Opportunities in a Changing Energy Landscape US Dept of Energy/Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and Clean Energy Research and Education Foundation Washington DC
06/19/2015 06/21/2015 The 26th Annual Energy Fair The Midwest Renewable Energy Association Custer WI
03/26/2015 03/26/2015 Best Practices for Demand Management Program Design Energy Central Online WEB
04/02/2015 04/02/2015 Understanding the Potential Value of Community Solar American Public Power Association online WEB
06/15/2015 06/19/2015 TCIPG Summer School: Cybersecurity for Power Grid Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid St. Charles IL
05/13/2015 05/15/2015 Home Energy Rater and Energy Star Training National Center for Appropriate Technology Missoula MT
03/31/2015 03/31/2015 Recovering Waste Heat & Improving Chilled Output (For Manufacturers & Food Processors) Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) Online WEB
04/06/2015 04/06/2015 Advancing Policies & Practices: Zero Energy Workshop & Building Tour Green Technology and Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Sacramento CA
03/31/2015 03/31/2015 Energy efficiency in grocery and convenience stores We Energies, Xcel Energy, others Online WEB
04/28/2015 04/28/2015 Best lighting retrofit solutions Xcel Energy LaCrosse WI
05/19/2015 05/21/2015 AESP Spring Conference & Expo Association of Energy Services Professionals Portland OR
04/16/2015 04/16/2015 Moving the Needle on Energy Efficiency in the Commercial Sector Association of Energy Services Professionals Online WEB